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Biomain’s zerconium implant frame–full mouth reconstruction
December 23rd, 2010


I-Bridge ® Evolution in zirconium

I-Bridge Evolution is an aesthetically and financially optimum implant bridge, as it is made of zirconium and is based on Biomain’s patented technology with angled screw channels.


  • Zirconium
  • Screw channels angled by up to 25°
  • Tissue-friendly
  • Aesthetically and financially optimized

I-Bridge Evolution in zirconium:

  • Uncoloured zirconia
  • Up to six components with max three fixtures
  • Max height of template 20 mm
  • Production time 5 days

I-Bridge Evolution is a unique, precision-manufactured homogeneous implant bridge, allowing angling of the screw channels by up to 25°. It has a documented fit and is manufactured in accordance with the latest CAD/CAM technology. I Bridge Evolution is aesthetically pleasing thanks to the high lustre and tissue friendly material zirconium. Angled screw channels allow optimum positioning of the implants without expensive abutments, which is both financially and aesthetically advantageous. All production takes place at our premises in Helsingborg.

New platforms for the market’s leading implant systems are continuously being launched. For further information on future systems contact us.

Click here to read more about how to order I-Bridge Evolution.  



V J Vadgama

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