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Cosmetic Braces for Adults
February 13th, 2009




  • There are several advantages of properly arranged teeth:

  • They function better in chewing.

  • They should last a lifetime, whereas teeth which do not meet properly when chewing are very likely to be lost prematurely due to lack of exercise

  • They promote healthy gums and surrounding bone

  • You have a more pleasant smile.


Orthodontics is not just for children. Adults visit orthodontists for many of the same reasons as children because the same oral problems, which affect children can plague adults as well. Some adults may have had orthodontic problems as children but are only now getting them corrected. Others who had treatment in childhood may need further treatment as adults because of regression. The loss of any number of teeth can cause the remaining teeth to shift. It therefore may be necessary for the adult to have an orthodontist reposition the teeth so a dentist can replace the missing teeth with bridgework. Finally an orthodontist can help patients undergoing periodontal (gum) treatment by shifting the teeth to area of healthy supporting bone.


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