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Emdogain Therapy now available at the clinic to repair failing implants and teeth
May 8th, 2011

Emdogain has been used clinically for periodontal regeneration, although the underlying molecular mechanisms are not clear at present. In this study, we hypothesized that Emdogain stimulated degradation of type I collagen via osteoblasts. We showed that Emdogain enhanced cell-mediated degradation of type I collagen in an MMP-dependent manner. Although MG-63 cells spontaneously produced a zymogen form of MMP-1, treatment with Emdogain significantly induced the generation of the active form of this enzyme. We demonstrated that MMP-3 was produced from MG63 cells in response to Emdogain in a MEK1/2-dependent manner. Concomitantly, blocking of MEK1/2 activation by U0126 significantly inhibited the generation of the active form of MMP-1 without affecting the total production of this collagenase. These results suggest that Emdogain facilitates tissue regeneration through the activation of the collagenase, MMP-1, that degrades matrix proteins in bone tissue microenvironments.


Post  by Dr V J vadgama

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