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      Flushing and Blushing Face (From £140.00)

      A flushing and blushing face may not just be because of love or happiness about life in general. Flushing and blushing naturally occur on the face as a reaction of an individual to certain emotions, or instances. However, when the flushing or blushing on the face remains constant, it may be a skin condition known as rosacea.

      What is Rosacea?

      Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that is characterized by redness or an appearance of flushing/blushing on the face; there are some cases when skin redness is accompanied by redness of the eyes as well. Rosacea more commonly affects those who have fair skin; most patients with rosacea do not realize that they have a skin condition, because the persistent redness on the face is assumed to be natural flushing or blushing, or skin sensitivity.

      Rosacea is a benign skin condition that is not contagious, and affects the areas of the face that normally flush or blush – the cheeks, the chin, the forehead, and the nose.
      Symptoms of rosacea include:

      • Frequent/persistent flushing or blushing of the face
      • Swollen nose
      • Acne
      • Visible small, red lines under the skin of the face
      • Dry, red, itchy eyes that may sometimes cause vision problems
      • Thick skin found on the cheeks, forehead, and the chin

      What Causes Rosacea?

      The exact cause or rosacea remains unknown, but is believed to be connected to the dilation of the blood vessels on the face. Studies have shown that genetics may play a key role in the development of rosacea, as the skin condition is more prevalent in individuals who also have relatives with rosacea. Excessive sun exposure, gastrointestinal conditions, and medications that cause the blood vessels to dilate may also contribute to the development of rosacea.

      Laser Treatment for Rosacea

      Laser treatments in Kent are considered to be the most effective and quickest ways to address the problems associated with rosacea. The little spider veins (linear blood vessels) on the face can effectively be treated with a long pulse duration, pulsed-dye laser, or 532nm KTP Nd:YAG laser. Redness of the face associated with rosacea can also be eliminated with the help of laser treatment.

      Several laser sessions may be necessary to complete the rosacea treatment; however, majority of rosacea patients will be able to see a significant improvement after just one laser treatment session. Research also shows that laser treatments can improve the pimples associated with rosacea.

      Treating the symptoms of rosacea requires more specialised skill compared to the treatment of linear facial veins. Over-treatment of one area with the laser treatment can lead to marks that may add to the overall redness of the skin condition. If a patient gets over-treated an illusion of scarring can result – even if no actual scars develop. It is very important to see a specialist in Kent who is highly experienced in laser treatments to address the rosacea skin condition.

      Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment for Rosacea

      Pulsed dye laser treatment can effectively reduce the dilation of the blood vessels and flushing associated with rosacea. Pulsed dye laser is shown to be effective in the reduction of facial redness, as patients who have undergone this laser treatment technique have reported a reduction of about 60%n in the symptoms of rosacea. It is also effective in the treatment of skin dryness, itching, swelling, and the burning sensation that can be experienced as symptoms of rosacea.

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