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      Gum Recession and Tooth Wear
      at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent

      Gum recession and tooth wear are dental problems that are not only unsightly – these concerns can lead to more serious dental problems, if left undiagnosed and untreated in their earliest stages. Gum recession and tooth wear can both be prevented from occurring with the help of the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic, who can effectively diagnose and give the appropriate treatment for these dental problems.

      Receding gums can make the teeth look abnormally large or elongated, and can also expose the sensitive tooth structure – as well as the tooth root. Tooth wear or tooth erosion can also expose the sensitive parts of the teeth and the tooth’s root, and can result to extensive damage on the affected tooth.

      Factors that Contribute to Gum Recession and Tooth Wear

      Genetics – Some individuals are predisposed to thin or receding gums due to genetics. Genetics play a huge role in the overall health status of the gums, which includes the tendency of the gums to recede.

      Poor Dental Hygiene – Improper dental hygiene habits can cause gum problems, which may in turn cause the gums to recede. When infections on the gums occur, gum recession may sometimes be the result – and can be the start of more serious gum diseases.

      Aggressive Tooth Brushing Technique – The gums are made of soft tissues than easily be damaged when too much pressure is applied. A tooth brushing technique using vigorous or aggressive strokes can easily cause the gums to recede, as the strokes can push down the gum line farther away from the surface of the teeth.

      Smoking – Smoking and the use of tobacco products can contribute to diseases involving the gums, which can in turn lead to gum recession.

      Teeth Clenching/Teeth Grinding – Grinding or clenching the teeth can result to gum recession, as well as premature tooth wear. Frequent teeth clenching or teeth grinding can damage the tooth’s enamel, and can also damage the soft gum tissue.

      Improper Alignment of Teeth – Improperly aligned or crooked teeth can create unnecessary pressure on the gums and the teeth, when the upper and lower teeth come together (the bite). Gum recession may result from frequent and excessive force that is caused by crooked teeth, and teeth erosion can is also occur.

      Lip or Tongue Piercings – Jewellery or piercings on the lips or tongue can repeatedly rub against the gums, causing them to recede with the passage of time. Lip or tongue piercings can also cause premature tooth wear, especially when the piercing is located in an area that always comes into contact with the surface of the teeth.

      Frequent Biting on Hard Surfaces– Those who have a habit of biting down on hard surfaces (such as fingernails, pencils, and pens) have a higher risk of developing gum recession and tooth wear. The surface of the tooth can prematurely be worn due to the repeated pressure – which can also affect the soft gum tissue.

      Consumption of Acidic Food and Beverages – Food and beverages with high acidity content can have adverse effects on the tooth enamel. The acid found in food and beverages can cause the teeth surfaces to prematurely erode or be worn out – especially if proper oral hygiene is not practised.

      Preventing Gum Recession and Tooth Wear

      • Avoid brushing your teeth with aggressive strokes. Excessive force applied to teeth and gums can cause gum recession and tooth wear, so it is best to brush teeth with gentle but still firm strokes. It is also a good idea to stay away from toothbrushes that have very stiff bristles that can injure the gums.
      • Practise good oral hygiene. Keep your teeth and mouth clean by proper tooth brushing, and by using dental floss to remove food debris trapped between teeth and the gum line.
      • Wear a nightguard or mouthguard to deal with teeth clenching/teeth grinding. Your Kent dentist will be able to provide a custom-made nightguard that can be worn while you sleep, so that the upper and lower teeth are prevented from grinding against one another.
      • When consuming drinks that have a high acidity content, it is best to use a straw to minimise the contact between the acidic beverage and the teeth surfaces.
      • Stop smoking. The use of tobacco products and cigarettes has an adverse effect on both the teeth and the gums, and can be the cause of more serious dental health concerns.
      • Visit your dentist regularly. The dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic A dentist in Kent will be able to check for early signs of gum recession and tooth wear, so that a proper diagnosis and treatment plan can be given to decrease the chances of more serious dental problems from developing. Dental veneers can be used to address the problem of worn teeth, while gum treatments can be used to remedy gum recession concerns.

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