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    Harmony Pixel Laser
    August 10th, 2008


    Harmony Pixel Laser

    Per SessionFrom  £225.00



    Technologies: Pixel 2940nm Er:YAG Module

    The Harmony module for fractional ablative skin resurfacing.

    TALC’s Pixel 2940nm Er:YAG Module is an FDA-approved fractional ablative skin resurfacing laser that represents a new option to perform skin resurfacing on aged and photo-damaged skin: it’s a safe and effective treatment with no patient downtime, and no gel or consumables required. Plus, since it’s a part of the Harmony multi-application, multi-technology platform, it’s an affordable and easy upgrade to keep your practice absolutely current with the latest technology.

    Fractional ablative lasers from TALC’s

    TALC’s  fractional ablative laser, the Pixel 2940, represents the best of both worlds for skin resurfacing: it combines the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach with the patient comfort level and convenience of a non-ablative approach.

    The Pixel 2940 nm Er:YAG module delivers results on par with ablative lasers, but it eliminates possible side effects of ablative treatments such as hypo- or hyper-pigmentation, post-operative infection, swelling, erythema or edema. In addition, the Pixel 2940 can be used on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands-a much wider scope than the traditional ablative technologies.

    Why Pixel 2940 for fractional ablative skin resurfacing?

    The Pixel 2940nm Er:YAG Module provides the right Pixel wavelength for the right clinical indication. It is a safe and effective treatment for fractional ablative skin resurfacing on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Designed to treat aged and photo-damaged skin, the Pixel 2940 improves the quality and texture of the dermis while it stimulates collagen regeneration. Recommended applications include:

    • Skin resurfacing
    • Laser peeling
    • Rhytids and fine lines


    Skin resurfacing with the Pixel 2940 is a gradual process that happens over several treatments. Treatments are fast, thanks to the large spot size and high 2 Hz repetition rate. Easy to use, the Pixel 2940 can help you give your patients lasting results with no downtime or side effects–without the mess and expense of blue dye, gel or consumables.

    Because re-epithelialization occurs quite quickly in the treatment zone, the risk of infection is reduced significantly from previous conventional treatment methods.

    How Pixel works

    A preprogrammed laser beam passes through the patented PIXEL micro optics lens and penetrates the skin. It creates an ablative and thermal effect at the pixel area-a micro-injury-without disturbing the surrounding tissue. Those micro-injured areas start the process of healing as collagen remodels, skin tightens and the skin texture improves.

    With the Pixel 2940, the ablation zone is 11 x 11 mm in size, with a penetration depth of 20-50 microns. The module operator can decide between 49 to 81 pixels, with the size of the ablation dots for each 11 x 11 mm spot set at either 7×7 pixels or 9×9 pixels. In the 49 pattern (7 x 7mm), the energy is split between fewer pixels, so each pixel receives more energy and the depth of penetration is higher.

    The patient experience with the Pixel 2940

    Patients will find the skin around the treatment area feeling firmer and tighter, with a smoother surface texture. They will not need analgesics or pain medication with the Pixel 2940, and they can return to work immediately after treatment.

    About the 2940 Pixel module

    The Pixel 2940 delivers effective, predictable results, patient after patient. FDA-approved, it is also extremely safe. Additional benefits include:

    • Room for future growth: customize your Harmony system with additional modules as your practice expands, without having to buy a whole new system
    • Faster treatments: the large 11 x 11 mm spot size and 2 Hz repetition rate gives you more time to see more patients
    • Less expense: no scanner, messy blue dye or cold gel required
    • Effective and easy-to-use: Pixel 2940nm provides the right Pixel wavelength for the right clinical indication
    • Flexibility to combine treatment modules: fully-interchangeable handpiece connects quickly to the Harmony platform, making it easy to switch between modules


    One Week After Pixel 2940nm Treatment 3 Passes at 1100-Long


    Technical specifications for the Pixel 2940nm Er:YAG Module

    Laser type: Er:YAG
    Number of Pixels: 49 or 81 dots
    Treatment Area (Spot size):11 x 11mm
    Beam Delivery:   Direct
    Maximum Pulse Energy: 1100 mj/Pulse
    Maximum Pixel Energy: 13 mJ/Pixel (81 dot Pixel size)
     24 mJ/Pixel (49 dot Pixel size)
    Pulse Repetition Rate: 2 Hz

    Image before, after 24 hours, and after 72 hours.



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