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      Juvederm Ultra (From £ 300.00)
      at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent

      Wrinkles and unsightly facial lines make a person look much older than he or she actually is. The quest for products that will effectively deal with these facial skin concerns seems to be never-ending, for most people are still looking for something that will give them the youthful skin they once had – and want to enjoy once more. Juvederm Ultra treatments by Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent can provide the answers to the wrinkle problems of countless people all over the world.

      What is Juvederm Ultra?

      Juvederm Ultra is a range of products featuring the latest generation of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable gel that can be found naturally in the human body, so that as a dermal filler material – it flows easily and smoothly into the skin. The result is skin that looks vibrant and smooth once more, filling out the wrinkles and facial lines that can make the skin look much older.

      Benefits of the Juvederm Ultra treatment

      Smoother/Easier Injection – The hyaluronic acid found in Juvederm Ultra products is designed to be smoother, so that it can be injected with the utmost ease into the skin; this results to an instantly improved skin that looks very natural as well.

      Long Lasting Results – Juvederm Ultra products are proven to provide much longer lasting results compared to other dermal fillers/wrinkle treatments that are currently being used. Studies show that effects of the Juvederm Ultra treatments can be seen and enjoyed for up to one year after the treatment procedure – a time frame that is much longer compared to the period of time that collagen fillers can provide visible results on facial lines and wrinkles.

      Comfort Guaranteed – Most people who are considering having their wrinkles or facial lines remedied are worried about the discomfort that they will experience during and after the procedure. The Juvederm Ultra treatment ensures that there is very minimal discomfort during the injection of the dermal filler into the skin – resulting to a more pleasant experience for the patient. Juvederm Ultra fillers offer the highest comfort level when injected, compared to other dermal fillers or wrinkle treatments that are being used nowadays.

      The Juvederm Ultra Treatment Procedure

      The Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent specialist will first clean the area that will be treated with Juvederm Ultra, and may apply anaesthesia to ensure that the patient will have the least amount of discomfort possible. Juvederm Ultra products already include an anaesthetic so there is less need for additional anaesthesia; however, the cosmetic practitioner may still recommend the use of additional anaesthesia to ensure complete lack of discomfort.

      Using a very fine needle, the Juvederm Ultra product will be injected into the areas that need to be improved and filled out. A feeling of numbness or a tingling sensation may be felt as the anaesthetic does its job. After the Juvederm Ultra product has been injected into the skin, the cosmetic practitioner will massage the area to smoothen the product into place. The actual treatment for each area will only take approximately 15-20 minutes.

      After the Juvederm Ultra Treatment

      After the Juvederm Ultra procedure, little swelling can be expected in the area that has been treated – and this is completely normal. The swelling can make it seem like the changes in the treated areas are extreme; however, once the swelling subsides, the skin improvements can be appreciated to the fullest.
      The tips below may be given by the cosmetic or aesthetic practitioner for patients to follow right after a Juvederm Ultra treatment:

      • Avoid application of makeup on the skin that has been treated, for up to 12 hours after the Juvederm Ultra procedure.
      • Swelling, bruising, or redness is expected in the injection sites, and will normally go away after a few days following the Juvederm Ultra treatment.
      • Those with dry skin can use unscented moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated. When applying the moisturiser, gentle strokes should be used.
      • For Juvederm Ultra lip treatments, it is advised that the patient does not consume anything that is too cold, or too hot – as this may affect the lip treatment healing in an adverse way.
      • The doctor or cosmetic practitioner should be contacted immediately for any concerns that may look out of the ordinary with regards to the Juvederm Ultra treatment.
      • A follow-up appointment will be needed around two weeks after the Juvederm Ultra treatment, to check on the healing progress of the treated areas – and to ensure that the patient is happy with the treatment’s results.

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