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      Laser Treatments
      at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent

      Laser treatments provide effective and long-lasting results for the cosmetic improvement of a number of skin concerns. The laser treatment that a patient will need will depend on the specific concern that he or she has, so that the appropriate laser treatment can be given by the cosmetic/aesthetic practitioner to get the desired results in the end.

      Nowadays, people can look forward to improving the appearance of their skin, getting back youthful looking skin, eliminating unsightly blemishes and skin problems, and even remove unwanted hair – all with the help of laser treatments. The results are often immediately visible, and are much longer lasting compared to other cosmetic treatment options.

      Conditions Addressed with Laser Treatments

      Pigmented Lesions – Pigmented lesions are the unsightly marks that develop on the skin due to natural ageing, exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, and other factors. Examples of pigmented lesions are freckles, age spots, and liver spots. These lesions can effectively be reduced or eliminated with the help of laser treatments, which target the pigmentation from underneath the skin – erasing the traces of the lesions.

      Vascular Lesions – Vascular lesions result when the blood vessels under the skin become visible, making the skin look red or flushed. Laser treatments go underneath the skin’s surface to deal with the problems with blood vessels, to eliminate the red or flushed look on the skin.

      Hair Removal/Hair Reduction – Unwanted hair can be removed with waxing, shaving, plucking, or tweezing. However, these hair removal methods are often inconvenient to do, and offer results that last for only a short period of time. Laser hair reduction or hair removal treatments offer a longer-lasting solution to unwanted hair concerns, giving the patient the time to fully enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for a longer period of time.

      Cellulite Reduction – Cellulite makes the skin look lumpy and unattractive, and can make the skin surface resemble orange peel; this is due to the fat deposits underneath the skin caused by cellulite. Laser treatment can promote collagen production and tightens loose skin so that the appearance of skin with cellulite is improved. The body’s contours are also improved with laser treatments, so that the dimpled/lumpy look of skin is eliminated.

      Anti-Aging Treatments – The natural ageing process and exposure to the sun leads to skin that may look much older than the patient’s actual age. Laser anti-aging treatments provide patients with a chance to enjoy more youthful skin that is free from unsightly lines, sagging parts, or discolourations.

      Body Sculpting – Body sculpting treatments are performed in less invasive ways with the help of laser treatments. Removal of fat from parts of the body will help in producing a more contoured silhouette, so that the patient can enjoy a better quality of life with more attractive body contours.

      Tattoo Removal – Unwanted tattoos used to be left alone, because there was no treatment that can effectively erase or remove it from a person’s skin. It is estimated that about half of people who have tattoos worldwide will eventually decide to have some or all of their tattoos removed later on in their lives. Laser treatments can successfully remove the traces of the tattoo, so that a person does not have to lead the rest of his or her life with an unwanted tattoo.

      Laser treatments should only be performed by qualified and highly trained cosmetic /aesthetic practitioners. Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent is composed of highly qualified and trained cosmetic practitioners who can skillfully perform the laser treatments that you need – so that you can get the most excellent results to address the conditions that you want to be improved.


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