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May 12th, 2013


What are the advantages of Fastbraces®?

Fast! Treatment times of 3-12 months
While conventional braces can take up to two years due to moving the crown of the tooth the first year and the root the second year, Fastbraces® works to move both root and crown at the same time. This greatly speeds up the time it takes to get an excellent result.

Fastbraces® has a 20-year history of proven results, with much research acknowledging its effectiveness. Fastbraces® is spreading throughout the U.S. and internationally at a rapid pace. Dr Vadgama has many years of experience with Fastbraces® and has completed  many cases and can personally attest to its efficiency and safety.

Affordable, quality straightening
Dr. Vadgama uses the highest quality and most efficient brackets available, helping to achieve the best possible results. The cost of these types of braces can be a third less than traditional braces, making them much more affordable.

Lower sensitivity and pain
Research has shown “lower sensitivity” and greater “pain reduction” with the bracket system of Fastbraces® Technology, “a clear-cut reduction in sliding friction” and “the lowest mean frictional forces” compared to the old braces tested.

Less root shortening
Per the American Journal of Orthodontics, research has shown that the longer patients wear braces, the more root shortening (root resorption) occurs.

Less doctor visits
As well as the overall treatment time being shorter, you will have to do less doctor visits—about every six weeks instead of every three to four.

How does Fastbraces® work?

Crooked teeth have come into the mouth tilted and not upright as they should be, making the root also crooked. Conventional braces target the root the first year for straightening and the crown the second year., whereas Fastbraces® moves the root and crown together.

Fastbraces® uses a patented triangular braces design, which allow for more room between the braces. This extra space allows for greater flexibility and the ability to straighten the root at the same time as the crown.

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