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      Mesotherapy combined with PRP

      The appearance of cellulite on body parts can make that particular body take on a lumpy appearance. Cellulite is caused when fat deposits accumulate underneath the surface of the skin, causing the skin structure to lose its natural elasticity and become lumpy and dimpled. Mesotherapy effectively addresses the appearance of cellulite on certain body parts, so that the appropriate improvements can be made to the skin condition.

      What is Mesotherapy?

      Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is commonly used to treat various injuries and medical conditions, and cosmetic concerns as well. This medical specialty involves injecting microscopic quantities of natural extracts, pharmaceuticals, homeopathic agents, and vitamins into the skin; it can be used for the elimination of cellulite, address ageing skin problems, promote weight loss, improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, and rejuvenate the hands and neck areas.

      Conditions Treated with Mesotherapy

      Cellulite – Mesotherapy is used to eliminate cellulite, which a liposuction procedure may not be able to eliminate. After the cellulite is removed, the skin will then be brought back to a smoother, healthier looking appearance.

      Weight Loss – Mesotherapy can promote weight loss in people who have fat or cellulite deposits underneath their skin by breaking down the fat cells. The Mesotherapy procedure is also successful in preventing the cells from storing fat deposits in the future.

      Anti-Ageing – Skin that looks dull and ashen can make a person look much older than his or her actual age. Mesotherapy works in rejuvenating the skin to promote the production of elastin and collagen, resulting in “new” skin that looks more youthful, and more vibrant.

      Spot Fat Reduction – Mesotherapy effectively addresses the problem of fat pockets that accumulate in certain parts of the body, such as the chin, arms, and abdomen. The Mesotherapy procedure successfully eliminates the fat deposits so that the body parts can look more attractively contoured.

      What to Expect from the Mesotherapy Treatment

      The first phase of the Mesotherapy treatment is the consultation; this is the stage where the patient will be asked by the Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic specialist in Kent to fill out forms, to give information regarding medical history and other medical conditions and considerations. The physician or cosmetic specialist will also discuss the entire Mesotherapy procedure with the patient, and will talk about the goals and expectations for the specified treatment.

      Photos may also be taken of the body parts that will be treated with Mesotherapy; this is to monitor the progress of the procedure in coming up with the desired results. Allergy testing may also be done during the initial phase of the consultation prior to the actual Mesotherapy procedure, to ensure that the patient will not have any adverse reactions to the treatment. The patient will be required to call within 24 hours to report any signs of a negative reaction.

      A topical anaesthetic may be applied to the area that will be treated with Mesotherapy; however, the patient may be advised to try the procedure first without any anaesthetic, as it is virtually painless.

      After the area that needs to be treated is cleaned, the customised medications will be administered into the area using a micro needle and syringe; this can be done virtually without any pain or discomfort for the patient. The patient will then be requested to lie still for few minutes to allow absorption of the medication. After the Mesotherapy medication is believed to have been fully absorbed, the treated area is dried. The patient can then go back to normal activities, without the need for down time to affect his or her busy schedule. Some patients may experience slight tenderness, bruising and swelling in the area that was treated with Mesotherapy, but these symptoms are expected to disappear within a few days following the treatment.

      Noticeable results can be seen after one Mesotherapy session, but this visibility will depend on the skin condition, and with the way the patient’s body responds to the Mesotherapy medication. With proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle (regular exercise), the results of Mesotherapy can last for a very long time. However, it is recommended that patients go for regular treatments to maintain the skin improvement results – and to fight signs of natural ageing that can appear on the skin.


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