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    Needle Free Injections
    April 6th, 2008


    The INJEX™ jet injector is an alternative to needle syringes and offers a nearly painless, safe and cost effective INJEXION™ in a broad range of applications.

    The INJEXION™ is an injection without a needle

    The concept of needle-free injection (= INJEXION™) eliminates widespread fear of injection-related pain among patients and at the same time eliminates the risks of transmitting infectious diseases like Hepatitis and HIV by contaminated needle stick accidents. In the US, about one million needle injuries are reported every year associated with considerable expenditures for replacing and treating infected persons.
    Previous attempts at making needle-free jet injectors acceptable to the public failed due to high cost, awkward design and difficulty of use.

    INJEX™ has overcome these issues successfully and significantly facilitates frequent administration of subcutaneous injections. This new-generation jet injector offers a safe and nearly painless mode of application, thus considerably enhancing compliance of chronic patients. By adopting these innovative technique, health care professionals can completely change the present concept of drug injection.

    History of Jet Injection
    1853First needle-syringe designed by Charles G. Pravaz, France, and Alexander Wood, USA
    1866Needle-free technique developed as “Aquapuncture” by Béclard, France
    1936First jet device patented to M. Lockhart, New Jersey
    1940Development of multiple dose jet guns
    1947 – 1965Introduction of jet injection into clinical use (ca. 2,2 Mil. injections reported)
    1975 – 1995Development of first “user-friendly” needle-free injectors
    1999Development of the INJEX™-System


    Development and
    Production of INJEX™
    The INJEX™ was developed and made available to the European market by RÖSCH AG Medizintechnik i.G..
    Several patents have been issued for the INJEX™-system. INJEX™ has market clearance from the FDA in the USA and received European CE-approval (CE 0482) for pharmaceuticals suitable for subcutaneous jet-injection.

    How does INJEX™ work?

    Jet injection propels a fine stream of liquid medication under high pressure through a small orifice through the skin. All without a needle. INJEX™ is a spring-loaded needle-less hypodermic injection system.
    A Reset Box will cock the integrated spring before each use. Sterile adapters enable the transfer of the desired medication from its vial into the disposable ampule for injection. A reusable transporter is available to draw up liquid drugs from cartridges (e.g.LA). Once the required amount of medication has been transferred into the ampule, it is attached to the injector.

     A reusable transporter is available to draw up liquid drugs from cartridges (e.g. Local anaesthetic). Once the required amount of medication has been transferred into the ampule, it is attached to the injector. The injector is placed perpendicular to the desinfected injection site

    The INJEXION is released by pressing the trigger. The high velocity jet stream pierces the skin and the drug disperses into the subcutaneous adipose tissue.The injection is accomplished, the ampule is removed and discarded without special handling procedures associated with high disposal costs.

    Features & Benefits
    • Vitually painless and needle-free
    • Convenient for delivering variable doses
    • Eliminates accidental needle sticks
    • Eliminates cross-contamination
    • Reduces disposal costs
    • User friendly and extremely compact
    • Easy to operate and long-lasting


    The INJEX™ starter-kit consists of the following components:

    •Reusable, pen-sized stainless steel Jet Injector
    •Compact Reset Box acting as carrying case and reset unit
    •Sterile, single-use Disposable Ampules for injection
    •Sterile Vial Adapter for transfer of drugs into the Disposable Ampule

    Post created by Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic
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    1 Responses to Needle Free Injections

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nice to see someone taking some time to think of people with issues of needles.