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Personal Care and Reassurance

At our dental practices you will not only receive the best dental care possible but more than that a personal, caring attitude where your wishes are considered as well as, your dental needs.

We reassure you of painless anaesthetic procedures using special techniques and flavored gels.

We strive, for high professional standards ,and believe in total commitment to patient care. All our team members attend numerous postgraduate courses, so that you may benefit from the latest proven techniques of treatment.

Are you afraid to smile?

Would you rather take the picture instead of be in it, because you are too self-conscious of the color, shape, or positioning of your teeth? Are you afraid to yawn for fear of revealing all of those silver fillings?

Many of my patients think that their teeth are too dark, too crooked, overcrowded, chipped, or just misshapen. They want that “Hollywood” smile, and they often bring a magazine to my office, point to the cover and say, “I want a smile just like that!”

There are a wide range of cosmetic dental enhancements available that can help you achieve the look you want. Though these enhancements are only “skin deep”, they can bring you pleasure, and perhaps give your self-confidence a little boost.

Below is a general introduction to some of the latest cosmetic techniques.


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