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    See injection techniques for Dermal Fillers
    March 6th, 2009


    Naso labial folds

    Insert the needle at about a needle’s length from the nose and make and angle of 45° between the needle and the fold. Deposit fine lines of Aquamid®, one above the other, in a fan-shaped way in the subcutaneous layer. A second point of injection is determined below the fold. Insert the needle making an angle of 30° between the needle and the fold. Remember to stay 1-2 mm below the fold when performing the filling of the area.

    Mento labial folds

    The area to fill is an angle delimited by the inferior edge of the vermilion and the fold itself. Insert the needle from the side of the lip into the subcutaneous layer. An adequate number of lines of Aquamid® is injected in parallel, using a retrograde technique in a fan-shaped manner, always at different levels to obtain the desired augmentation and volume.


    Insert the needle into the subcutaneous area above the muscular level and inject fine lines of Aquamid® one over the other to augment locally the thickness of the subcutaneous level.


    Insert the needle through the skin until reaching the subcutaneous level close to the alar cartilage. Deposit an adequate volume of Aquamid® until the depression is corrected and the nose is symmetrical.

    Nose reconstruction

    Aquamid® are injected into the subcutaneous layer under the crus medialis of the alar cartilage and will cause a gradual increase in the nose’s projection and an increase of the naso-labial angle. The aesthetic appearance and the naso-breathing function are improved by modifying the passage of the air flow in the nose.

    Chin augmentation

    Insert the needle in the subcutaneous layer by transcutaneous injection and deposit adequate volume of Aquamid® to re-establish the volume and shape by a progressive expansion of the soft tissue.

    Chin lift

    Insert the needle near the fold. Inject thin lines of Aquamid® one over the other to reduce its depth and inject greater volume to a deeper level to increase the mass and the projection of the chin itself.


    To facilitate the implantation, you should mark some points of reference. You should also mark the limit of the inferior orbital arch, above which any filling should be avoided. Using the retrograde method of injection, deposit thin lines of Aquamid® in a fan-shaped manner in the subcutaneous layer. The fan-shaped form of thin lines must be repeated in parallel lines deeper in the tissue involving the superficial, aponeurotic muscular layer.




    Insert the needle transcutaneously on the border of the vermilion until reaching the subcutaneous level where Aquamid® is to be implanted, without penetrating the muscular level. Use retrograde injection technique with thin parallel lines of Aquamid®. To obtain a rotation of the lip, the hydrogel has to be injected over the muscle. Injecting under the muscle will result in a projection of the lip. The transcutaneous method is recommended to avoid needle penetration of the mucosa, which normally contains a lot more bacteria.


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