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SIROInspect now available at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic
October 26th, 2012

SIROInspect is based on Fluorescence-Aided Caries Excavation technology, known as FACE®, which exploits the fluorescence characteristics of teeth. If teeth are illuminated with violet light in the spectrum of around 405 nm, it doesn’t only stimulate degradation products of caries bacteria but also healthy dentine to fluoresce. Healthy dental tissue lights up green whereas carious areas are visibly red. The triggers for the red colouring are porphyrin compounds which arise during the breakdown of hard dental substance by caries bacteria. The attending dentist can therefore see at first glance – and very clearly – which areas are carious and which ones are not. The SIROInspect diagnostic glasses filter short wavelengths below 500 nm. By contrast, light components with higher wavelengths remain visible.

“This is a huge advantage in caries excavation, especially compared to conventional diagnostic methods such as the use of staining agents”, says Heike Forell, product manager at Sirona. “FACE® works more reliably than other check-up methods for preventing secondary caries. This is shown by extensive scientific studies and our successful practice tests with experienced users.”

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