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Skin care technology that literally is Rocket science! now available at the clinic
May 14th, 2010

Beautiful Technology…

Skin care technology that literally is Rocket science!

Jet aviation engineering is being used by Jet-M to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding aesthetic, skin care market. Jet-M’s patented technology creates a supersonic two-phase jet of micro-droplets consisting of saline solution and air that is accelerated to velocities that reach 200m/sec. This provides a versatile and precise means for performing a wide variety of skin treatments. The pressure created by the high-velocity jet stretches the skin at the point of contact, causing “barophoresis” due to pressure variance; the skin in the high- pressure zone forms a concave surface and micro-canals in the outer layer of the skin broaden as the skin stretches and new canals are created. This process facilitates hydration, cleansing and purifying of the treated area, opens access to the skin’s inner layers, allowing for deeper penetration, and the introduction of vitamins, anti-aging and other solutions.
This technology therefore offers a powerful alternative to other more abrasive or invasive procedures with no pain or downtime.
Air instead of needles…

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