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      Smile Analysis
      at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent

      The appearance of a smile greatly affects a person’s looks, and can contribute to the overall attractiveness of the face. A great looking smile can do wonders not only for the appearance of a person, but also to that person’s sense of confidence and well-being. Every aspect of a smile should be taken into consideration by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic when it comes to cosmetic dentistry treatments that aim to improve the smile; this is where smile analysis comes in.

      What is Smile Analysis?

      Smile analysis is the first step that is done before the planning of a cosmetic procedure (or a combination of a number of cosmetic procedures). Smile analysis includes taking measurements of the patient’s teeth, lips, and gums to help with formulating the best cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, so that the patient’s goals and needs will be met with the accompanying treatments and procedures.

      The various components of a person’s smile will be evaluated as part of the smile analysis. Examination of the teeth structures is just one part of the entire smile analysis; the rest of the face will also be evaluated, including she shape of the face, the symmetry of the lips and other components that make up the whole facial structure that will be included in the whole smile’s appearance.

      Factors Considered in a Smile Analysis

      Symmetry – Symmetry that concentrates around the centre-line of a person’s face is of great importance for an aesthetically pleasing smile. Even if complete symmetry is not 100% possible, it is still important to have the illusion of symmetry. The front two upper central incisors should be symmetrical in length, size, and shape.

      Smile Line – The edges of the upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip when a person smiles.

      Horizontal Alignment – The smile should ideally be aligned so it is horizontally parallel.

      Smile Width – A narrow smile involves side teeth that are often not visible, or in shadow. A wider smile is considered to be more attractive, since it allows the ideal progression from the front to the back teeth to be visible.

      Gum Line – The gum line is the connection of the highest points of the gum levels to the upper teeth. This line should ideally follow the line of the upper lip, to ensure minimum exposure of the gums and maximum display of the teeth when a person is smiling.

      Golden Proportion – The rule of Golden Proportion describes an ideal ratio of the visible widths of the six front teeth.

      Tooth Proportion – These are the guidelines for the ideal proportions of each tooth to be able to achieve an attractive smile – 100% height and 75% in width.

      Embrasures – Embrasures are the small triangular spaces that are formed between the tips of the teeth. These are created in an artistic way by a ceramist and the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic to achieve a natural look.

      Lips – Lips provide a perfect frame for the teeth, and are essential aspects of a beautiful smile. The fullness, shape, and symmetry of the lips can be optimised to get the most aesthetically pleasing smile.

      Aesthetic Considerations in a Smile Analysis

      Colour – It is generally considered better for the front teeth to all have the same shade since the light makes the teeth stand out, while the dark makes them recede. The objective for the placement of dental crowns is to make the crown look as natural as possible. The degree of opaqueness or translucency will depend on the materials used to make the crown. Fewer translucencies can be expected with porcelain-fused- to-metal crowns. The most translucencies will be evident with the all porcelain or glass crowns, but they may lack the strength that the metal provides.

      Length – The upper teeth’s biting edges should ideally just touch the bottom lip when a person says, ” forty five”. A more youthful smile line should have the two front teeth (central incisors) slightly longer than the two lateral incisors. In cases when the front teeth cannot be lengthened, the lateral incisors can then be slightly shortened to achieve the effect of the front teeth being slightly longer.

      Gums – The gums should look healthy to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile. The gums should outline each tooth in a half moon shape, and should not look red or puffy – features that equate to unhealthy gums.

      Midline – An imaginary vertical line drawn between the two upper front teeth should directly be in line with the middle of the face. If not perfectly in line, the imaginary vertical line should at least be parallel to the facial mid-line.

      Shape – Shape is one of the most important aspects of the teeth, and must appear to be attractive when other teeth are taken into consideration. Every tooth should not be bulky, and it should not look like the gum is pushing it out of the mouth.

      Texture – Improvements in teeth textures should match the appearance of the other teeth. If the adjacent tooth surface has ridges or other irregularities on the front surface, these should be included in the cosmetic dentistry procedures that will be done by a- the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic to improve the overall smile’s appearance.

      Arrangement of teeth – The way the teeth are arranged play an important role in the overall appearance of a smile. Even spacing and proper alignment successfully make teeth look attractive.


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