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      Smile Lift and Face Lift (From £7500)

      A great looking smile can do wonders in improving the overall appearance of one’s face. Bright smiles that have properly aligned and white teeth, wrinkle-free lips, and healthy looking gums can easily take years off a person’s face, making him or her look more youthful (compared to smiles that feature discoloured and crooked teeth, wrinkled skin, and unhealthy looking gums).
      Not everyone is naturally blessed with a great looking smile; there are even individuals who used to flash the most attractive looking smiles – but due to various reasons (natural ageing, lifestyle choices) – their smiles have become less than pleasant to look at. The natural ageing process also affects the overall appearance of the smile and of the face, and can make a person look older than usual. A smile lift and a face lift by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic can address concerns on the improvement of smiles – so the whole face can light up in the most dazzling ways once again, and the much coveted youthful glow can be enjoyed once more.

      Concerns Addressed with a Smile Lift or Face Lift

      Missing Teeth – Teeth that have been lost will need to be replaced, to achieve a smile that looks more complete and natural. Dental implants, dental crowns, or dental bridges effectively address missing teeth problems by replacing both the form and function of the teeth.

      Discoloured or Stained Teeth – Teeth that have unattractive stains or discolourations can make a person look older than she or he actually is. Teeth whitening procedures are part of the smile lift treatment plan, and will effectively address stains and discolourations on the surface of teeth. Discolourations or stains caused by various reasons (smoking/tobacco use, teeth-staining beverages, natural ageing, tooth decay) will be removed by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic using teeth whitening procedures, to achieve brighter and whiter smiles.

      Crooked or Misaligned Teeth – Crooked or misaligned teeth lessen the attractiveness of the smile’s appearance; no matter how bright or white the teeth are, the smile will still not look as great when teeth are improperly aligned. Orthodontics in a smile lift can effectively move teeth to their proper alignment to achieve a much improved smile.

      Irregularly-Shaped Teeth – The shape of the teeth, especially with regards to the rest of the other teeth, play a huge role in how the smile looks like. Irregularly-shaped or misshapen teeth can be remedied with porcelain veneers, to make their shape and appearance blend more flawlessly with the rest of the other teeth.

      Gaps or Spaces between Teeth – Gaps in between teeth that have too much visible space can lessen the attractiveness of a smile. The gaps can be addressed with the help of orthodontics in a smile lift, so that the teeth can be moved to close the unsightly spaces; porcelain dental veneers can also be used to bridge the gaps, so the smile looks more appealing and complete – without any large spaces in between teeth.

      Gummy Smile – A smile that shows too much gum parts can make the teeth look abnormally small. The gummy smile concern is addressed with a smile lift through gum re-shaping or gum contouring laser treatments, which can alter the shape of the gums. The gum shape is adjusted so that more of the teeth will show when a person smiles , and less gum tissue is visible – so that the smile will not look too “gummy” anymore, and will look symmetrical and balanced with the rest of the face.

      Lip Enhancements – The lips provide the frame for a great looking smile. Lip enhancements in a smile lift treatment address concerns about the lips, including: shape, symmetry, fullness, and colour. The lip enhancement procedures have the goal of making the lips look more youthful by giving them more fullness, healthier-looking colour, and a more balanced or symmetrical appearance.

      Deep Facial Lines and Wrinkles – Deep facial lines and wrinkles are visible signs of ageing, and can occur naturally when facial skin loses elasticity with the passage of time. The wrinkles and deep facial lines or grooves can add ages to a person’s face, making that person look much older than his or her actual age. A face lift will significantly improve the signs of visible ageing by filling out the deep facial lines, grooves, and wrinkles – so the facial skin looks supple and more youthful once more. A face lift can also address concerns with sagging skin on the neck and jaw area; the skin on these parts can be “lifted” to make the area look smoother, more contoured, and young-looking.


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