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      Smoking Related Disorders- Free Advice

      Smoking and the use of tobacco products may result to numerous health and dental problems; this is the reason why medical and dental professionals advise patients who smoke to give up on this habit – even before any symptoms of serious illnesses can start. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer – a disease that is fatal, and can spread to other organs in the human body.

      Smoking related disorders can cause a lot of problems to a person’s dental health. Smokers will be advised repeatedly by Kent dentists to quit smoking to lower their risk of getting dental problems or other, more serious diseases (such as oral cancer); the advise to quit smoking is also done to avoid any existing health and dental issues to further worsen.

      The Cause of Smoking Related Disorders

      Smoking hastens the development and accumulation of plaque in the surface of teeth. Tar and nicotine, which are found in cigarettes and other tobacco products, can stick to the surfaces of the teeth, gums, tongue, and other inner mouth tissues; these chemicals are known to have harmful effects on the mouth and to the other organs of the human body as well.

      Smoking and How It Affects the Gums

      Smoking cigarettes and chewing on tobacco can lead to dry mouth conditions, which in turn can lead to bad breath, and other smoking related dental disorders. The gums can also be affected adversely by using tobacco, as this habit can hinder the proper blood circulation in the entire human body – often to an extent that that gums are not given the supply they need to function properly. Once blood circulation to the gums has been adversely affected, the gums can become inflamed and may loosen; the gums will then be more prone to infections caused by bacteria, which can easily go inside the loose gum pockets. Smoking related disorders that affect the gums can lead to tooth or bone loss if not diagnosed or treated in the earliest stages by a dentist in Kent.

      Smoking Related Dental Disorders

      Gum Problems – The gums become more prone to bacterial infections when exposed to nicotine and tar found in cigarettes, and other tobacco products. The gums may then take on an inflamed appearance, and can even form loose spaces or pockets; these spaces are the areas where infection can set in, caused by bacteria. The gum diseases that may be caused by smoking related disorders can lead to the loss of teeth, especially if not diagnosed or treated in their early stages. Those who smoke are also more prone to the development of dry sockets – a painful condition that may bring complications during times of tooth extractions. Gum recession may also be caused by smoking cigarettes or chewing on tobacco products.

      Stained or Discoloured Teeth – Cigarette smoking and the use of tobacco products can leave unsightly stains on the surfaces of teeth. After a few years of cigarette smoking (combined with poor dental health habits), the stains and discolourations can become bigger and more unsightly – and may even lead to tooth decay. Those who have smoked or used tobacco products for a long period of time have telltale yellow stains and discolourations on their teeth – which make their smiles less than pleasant to behold.

      Tongue Problems – Those who smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco have a higher risk of developing a black or hairy tongue, due to the harmful chemicals and nicotine present in cigarettes and other tobacco products.

      Bad Breath – Smokers and those who chew tobacco are more likely to have bad breath; this is because the harmful chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco products interact with the bacteria that are normally present inside the mouth, and readily cause an unpleasant smelling breath.

      Dental Implant Failure – Dental implants have a higher risk of failure for people who smoke cigarettes or use any other tobacco product. The harmful chemicals present in cigarettes can cause the human body to reject the dental implants, causing them to fail – which is not good, since these implants by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic can provide ideal replacements for both the form and function of missing teeth.

      Oral or Mouth Cancer – Smoking and the use of tobacco products are the leading causes of oral or mouth cancer development. Oral cancer can be fatal, especially if the disease is not diagnosed or treated in its early stages. The cancer cells that start from the mouth or oral cavity may even spread to other parts of the human body, causing more serious and painful complications.


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