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    We can now integrate prosthetic and surgical planning in placing implants( Cerec CAD-CAM
    December 19th, 2010


    We can now  integrate prosthetic and surgical planning in placing implants( Cerec CAD-CAM
    and GALILEOS CBCT  now avaliable at WOODBURYCLINIC.CO.UK




    A new software tool combines CAD/CAM CEREC and CBCT GALILEOS data. Surgical and prosthetic planning are now being performed in a single, seamless process, resulting in higher quality and increased efficacy for our workflow.

    Even with the help of the latest X-ray technology, careful surgical planning does not always guarantee the ideal combination between implant planning and prosthetic restorations. This can lead to aesthetic compromises and higher costs for the patient. It can even threaten the long-term stability of the implant.

    The new Sirona Implant software tool allows surgical and prosthetic planning to be performed simultaneously. The user is able to view the CEREC design proposal directly within the context of the GALILEOS image. This has become possible due to the integration of the surface with the volume data, generated respectively by CEREC and GALILEOS.

    The combination of two cutting-edge technologies – CBCT and CAD/CAM – paves the way to a holistic implant planning strategy. In other words the we can focus on the desired prosthetic outcome and at the same time make allowance for specific surgical factors. A further advantage is that – on the basis of data derived from the CEREC optical impression – the we are  able to view the gum line in the X-ray image and evaluate its thickness. With this extra information at our  fingertips, we can accurately predict the final outcome and discuss possible alternatives with our  patient’s before commencing the implantation procedure. The planning data then provides a basis for creating competitively priced surgical guides – either in the dental lab (in-house or external), or else via siCAT in Bonn/Germany. A Sirona subsidiary, siCAT not only produces surgical guides, but also develops user-friendly CBCT application software.

    Thanks to Sirona Implant, this new workflow is easy to use and efficient: optical impression (CEREC); low-dose CBCT (GALILEOS), import of the CEREC data; integrated planning; production of the surgical guide; guided surgery and optimal aesthetics.



    V J Vadgama

    Post created by Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic

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