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      Bite and Jaw Treatments

      Concerns with an individual’s bite and jaw need to be addressed in the soonest possible time, to prevent further dental problems from developing. Bite and jaw treatments by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic address the issues of occlusion (or how the patient’s upper and lower teeth rest against each other when they come in contact), as well as problems concerning the jaw area.

      Malocclusion is defined as a “bad bite”, or improper dental occlusion; this occurs when the lower and upper rows of teeth meet in such a way that is not considered as normal, or good for one’s dental health. Bite and jaw treatments by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic are important in ensuring that problems associated with malocclusion are given the proper attention and solution they need.
      Improper dental occlusion affects jaw growth, speech development, facial appearance, gum tissue health, and the ability to clean teeth properly.

      Problems Associated with Bite and Jaw Issues

      Speech Development Challenges – A patient who has malocclusion or problems with the jaw may experience challenges in proper speech development; this is because proper speech is significantly affected by how the jaw works, and by how the teeth are positioned in both the lower and the upper jaws.

      Improper Jaw Growth – Jaw growth can be affected when the upper and lower teeth do not meet in a proper way, and may even cause other problems if the malocclusion is not addressed in the soonest possible time.

      Gum Problems – The gums can be exposed to unnecessary stress and pressure, when malocclusion occurs; the trauma to the gums can then be the cause of gum disease and infections, especially if the malocclusion concerns are not given the proper attention.

      Difficulty in Cleaning Teeth – Teeth that are too crowded together, or are not positioned properly in either the lower or the upper jaw can become difficult to clean; when teeth are not properly and regularly cleaned, they are more susceptible to dental problems (such as tooth decay, or other infections).

      Facial Appearance Issues – The jaws and teeth have a significant effect on how a person’s face looks like; bite and jaw treatments by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic can improve problems in these areas, which provide the necessary bone structure and frame for a significant portion of an individual’s face.

      What Causes Malocclusion?

      Majority of malocclusion cases are caused by genetics, or are inherited from other family members. Included in the instances of malocclusion that can be caused by genetics are crowding of teeth, too much space between the teeth, missing or extra teeth; genetics also play a huge role in concerns with irregularities in the jaws, face and teeth.

      In some cases, malocclusions can also be environmental in nature and can be caused by:

      • Accidents or injuries that affect the face/mouth areas
      • Premature loss of primary (baby) teeth
      • Thumb sucking or sucking on a pacifier
      • Obstruction by tonsils and adenoids
      • Dental disease, or other dental problems

      The Importance of Bite and Jaw Treatments

      t-scan-system-bite_0If bite and jaw treatments by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic is delayed or are not taken, the corresponding dental problems get worse and more complicated (and more expensive) to treat with the passage of time. Malocclusion can cause excessive wear of tooth enamel, difficulty in chewing, stress on both the gums and jawbone which support the teeth; this problem can also cause chronic headaches, and facial and neck pains. Correcting the malocclusion can improve overall oral health and eliminate other potential dental problems.
      Using T-Scan computerized bite analysis technology at our clinic enables us to investigate and treat many bite and jaw pain problems .  For more info <Click here>

      Is Teeth Removal Necessary for Bite and Jaw Treatments?

      In cases involving permanent teeth that are crowded, or if their spacing and proper positioning is being affected by the primary teeth, the removal of primary (baby) teeth is necessary. Otherwise, the severely crowded permanent teeth will either remain “stuck” (impacted) and unable to erupt from under the gum line or they will erupt in an undesirable position.

      Treatment of a malocclusion involves a thorough evaluation of your child’s specific condition by a dentist and/or orthodontist. This may include recommendations for removal of some primary or permanent teeth, because some malocclusions cannot be treated successfully without doing so. Extraction of some teeth in severely crowded conditions enhances proper alignment, function, and appearance as well.

      Malocclusion Diagnosis

      Each child’s specific malocclusion condition will dictate what diagnostic procedures will need to be done; these diagnostic procedures often include several or all of the following:

      • Clinical dental examination
      • Obtaining medical and dental history
      • Taking of impressions of the teeth to create plastic models
      • Taking photographs of the face and teeth, to provide a record of the child’s facial appearance before the treatment
      • Panoramic X-rays showing all the upper and lower teeth in biting position, as well as teeth that are not yet visible
      • Lateral (cephalometric) X-ray of the entire head showing the relationship of the teeth and jaws to the face and skull

      How Long will Bite and Jaw Treatments Take?

      Each issue concerning the bite and jaw is unique, and must therefore be treated individually. The actual time spent on the bite and jaw treatment by the dentist at Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic will depend on: the severity of the problem, the growth of the child’s mouth and face, and the cooperation of the child in following instructions. Mild correction problems or early treatment may take only a few months, while treatment for more complicated malocclusion cases can range from one to three years.


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