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      T-Scan Computerized Bite Analysis

      The ultra-thin, reusable sensor, shaped to fit the dental arch, inserts into the sensor handle, which connects into the USB port of your existing PC, making it easy to move from one operatory to another.  Evaluating occlusal forces is as simple as having a patient bite down on the sensor while the computer analyzes and displays timing and force data in vivid, full-color 3D or 2D graphics. T-Scan system includes Windows-based software, scanning electronics (Handle), and sensors (Laptop not included).

      This 3rd generation system features a consistent sampling rate of 100 Hz. In Turbo Mode, reach a sampling speed of up to 495 Hz, and detect three times the number of potential occlusal force aberrations.


      The T-Scan is an invaluable tool for whenever you need information on occlusal contacts, including:

      • Fixed Prosthetics
      • Occlusal Adjustments
      • Orthodontics
      • Periodontal Management
      • TMD Appliances
      • and more!

      Numerous articles have been published regarding computerized occlusal analysis and its applications.  Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our T-Scan III Bibliography.

      T-Scan®/BioEMG Integration SoftwareMeasure occlusal force, timing, balance, and muscle activity simultaneously for the first time in history

      Occlusion and Muscle Function

      The two programs synchronize and integrate occlusal data with muscle activity allowing for dynamic playback. See the continuous relationship between occlusion and muscle function!

      The T-Scan III/BioEMG Integration software synchronizes and integrates the clinical data of Tekscan’s T-Scan III with the electromyographic data of BioResearch’s EMG unit. For the first time in history, synchronized measurements of occlusion and muscle function can be recorded simultaneously. Together, they give a complete view of your patient’s bite. Only with this software can you get unparalleled evidence of the effect occlusal contact arrangements has on muscle funtion.



      • Initiating a recording in T-Scan automatically starts an EMG recording or vice versa
      • Timing of data is synchronized in both the record & review modes
      • The recording functions are the same as when using either program independently
      • Saving data in one program, auto saves in the corresponding program
      • Automatic sharing of comment text strings and procedures between the programs
      • Patient files are auto labeled to identify integrated files
      • Synchronized data can be taken in intercuspal position (IP), centric relation (CR), and excursive movements
      • Both programs are tiled vertically on your screen for easy viewing
      • Save valuable time collecting and retrieving data
      • Accomplish a more comprehensive and informative diagnosis
      • Analyze and correlate specific occlusal moments to specific EMG changes that result from occlusal moments




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