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Dermal Fillers (From £300) Combined with PRGF

Dermal fillers are materials used by dermatologists to address skin depressions and conditions, such as wrinkles and scarring. Dermal fillers are usually soft tissues that allow them to easily be injected into the skin to improve the skin’s appearance. The materials used as dermal fillers can be classified into natural, man-made or synthetic; the dermal filler procedure is often carried on without discomfort, and with minimal to zero side effects for the patient.

Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent uses Restylane and PRP as dermal filler materials to improve the appearance of the patient’s skin. The dermal filler treatment will effectively smoothen out any depressions on the skin, which may have caused unattractive pits to form; the treatment will result to smoother looking skin that looks vibrant and much younger looking.

Conditions Improved with Dermal Filler Treatments and PRP

Lines on the Side of the Mouth and Nose – Vertical lines on the side of the nose and of the mouth can make a person look much older, and may be signs of natural ageing. These lines are deepened when a person smiles or laughs, and may even stay even when the muscles are relaxed. Dermal filler treatments can effectively smoothen out these lines, resulting to skin that looks more youthful.

Frown Lines – These are the lines that form between the eyebrows, and can be more pronounced when a person frowns. Dermal fillers addresses this problem with materials that act to smooth out the frown lines that have formed, so the area between the eyebrows will look line-free once more.

Wrinkles – Wrinkles are deep lines or folds of the skin found on the face, and are closely associated to the natural ageing process. A dermal filler treatment can improve the appearance of wrinkles by filling out the depressions – so that the patient will have line-free, smooth skin that looks vibrant and youthful.

Acne Scars – Acne scars are remnants of acne problems, and can form deep pits on the face. Dermal filler treatments can effectively fill out the depressions caused by the acne pits, so the face looks smooth and blemish-free.

Crow’s Feet
– Crow’s feet are the lines that form on the outer sides of the eyes, and are more pronounced when a person laughs or smiles. Dermal filler treatments efficiently fill out these lines to improve the appearance of the whole face, making it look much younger.

Lip Lines – The lips can form lipstick lines – vertical lines where lipstick or lip colour can settle in an unattractive manner. Dermal fillers can be used to full out these lipstick lines so that the lips look fuller and more youthful. Lip augmentation can also be done with the use of a dermal filler procedure, to improve the fullness and shape of the lips.

At our clinic we can combine the dermal filler with PRP to further enhance the results. <Click here for more info>

Materials used as Dermal Fillers
Restylane and Perlane

Restylane is a non–animal-stabilized hyaluronic acid derivative that has been approved by the FDA to augment soft tissues. At 20 mg/mL, Restylane has a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid compared to Hylaform gel. It is used to improve the appearance of skin that may have been damaged with wrinkles and scars; Restylane is also used in lip augmentation procedures.

Restylane and Perlane, both being hyaluronic acid derivatives similar to Hylaform Gel, have less risk of clumping and go into the skin of the patient in a smoother manner. It should be noted that with the use of these dermal filler materials, patients will need to be administered with anaesthesia to ensure that there will be no pain or discomfort during the entire dermal filler treatment.

Hylaform gel

Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide dermal filler material, and is found in the dermis of all mammals. Hylaform gel, previously known as Hylan B gel, is a form of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (5.5 mg/mL) derived from the rooster combs of domestic fowl. Aside from providing longer lasting results than collagen, Hylaform gel goes into the skin more smoothly, and has less risk of clumping.

Hylaform gel is widely used throughout the world as a dermal filler material for the treatment of scars and wrinkles, and in lip augmentation procedures. Hylaform gel’s more concentrated form, Synvisc, is used for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.


Radiesse is a completely biocompatible dermal filler material that is composed of microspheres of calcium hydroxyl appetite suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. These biodegradable microspheres serve as a framework upon which the body forms a scaffold for tissue infiltration. The spheres degrade slowly over years for a longer-lasting, semi-permanent effect. The areas that are most commonly treated with Radiesse dermal fillers are the marionette lines and the nasolabial folds; however, it is not recommended for lip augmentation because of its highly viscous nature, which predisposes it to clumping in this area.

Dental Implant Fees

Consultation & Patient Reports

1. E-Discussion (Email or Web-based) Free
2. Written Reports £120.00
3. Full Implant Planning Consultation –
Includes CBCT Scan + Cerec Guide
*Request for simple digital data (not suitable for dento-legal uses)
*Request for dento-legal manual records
*Request for 3D digital data and printed digital models
*Request for dento-legal reports
from £45

Dental Implant Treatments

4. Single Tooth Implant ( add £450 for screw retained crown) From £2950.00
5. A Bridge Replacing Two Teeth, Using One Implant From £3950.00
6. A Bridge Replacing Three Teeth, Using Two Implants From £5200.00
7. An Implant-retained Denture, using Four Implants From £6940.00
8. 10 Fixed Teeth (Single Arch supported by 4 to 6 Implants) From £9900.00
9. Ramus Frame suppored Denture, Lower arch Only From £9500.00

3D CT Scan

10. CBCT Scan ( Low dose Sirona Scans) £199.00
 CBCT scan reports £95.00

Intravenous ‘Conscious’ Sedation

11. Sedation  Per Hour  £250.00

Implant Related (Supporting) Treatments

12. Sinus Graft From £550.00
13. Bone Grafts(Ethos, Guidor, Synthetic Materials) From £385.00
14. Block Bone Grafts From £450.00
15. Soft Tissue Grafts From £550.00
16. PRP Products From £299.00
17. Nerve Re-positioning From £1950.00
18. Extraction and Socket Preservation per Site From £350.00
19. Denar Articulated Diagnostic Models From £650.00
20. Transitional Dentures From £950.00
21. CAD-Cam bar Fabrication From £1850.00
22. Transitional Composite Restorations per tooth From £350.00

*All Implant Treatment delivered with a 20 year Guarantee ( Subject to terms and conditions)

Professional Fee Guide

1. Consultation  includes X-rays and Report(New Patients) £120.00
2. Examination (Existing Patients) £50.00
3. X-rays, Pictures etc From £15.00
4. Study Models From £145.00
5. Scale and Polish and simple hygiene procedures From £75.00
6. Periodontal (gum) treatment and laser therapy From £330.00
7. Tooth Coloured Restorations From £85.00
8. Root Canal Treatment (per canal) From £390.00
9. Crowns and Inlays and Bridge units From £890.00
10. Porcelain Veneers From £950.00
11. Dentures (per jaw) From £1200.00
12. Implant fixture (Includes CBCT Scan and Surgical Guide) From £1950.00
13. Intravenous Sedation per session From £250.00
14. Extractions From £140.00
15. Bone Grafting per site From £450.00
16. Sinus Grafts per Site From £899.00
17. Composite transitional restorations From £250.00
18. Orthodontics ( Inman Aligners/ Clear Aligners) From £1400.00
19. Dressings From £40.00
20. Re-cement Crowns /Bridges From £95/£220.00
21. Smooth, ease and desensitize sensitive dentin per visit From £35.00


WDLC Members Qualify for 20% Discount

UPTO 20% Discount> More info click here

Examination & Hygiene

1. Examination+ Scale & Polish (Existing Patients)   £125.00    

Teeth Whitening

2. Teeth Whitening by Laser (In-House) From  £599.00
 Home Kit Tooth Whitening  From  £399.00

Other Dental Treatment Fees

3. X-rays, Pictures etc. From £15.00
4. Dentures (Per Jaw) From £1200.00
5. Implant Fixture (Includes CBCT Scan and Surgical Guide) From £1950.00
6. Non registered patient (Emergency Treatment ) From £100.00
7. Root Canal Treatments (Per Canal) From £390.00
8. Dressings and Emergency Treatment From £100.00
9. Recement Crowns / Bridges From £85/£220.00
10. Smooth, Ease and Desensitise Sensitive Dentine per Visit From £35.00


Cosmetic Dentistry


1. E-Consultation ( Send us your picture and your Concerns ) Free
2. Initial Consultation (New Patients) –
Includes all Necessary X-Rays + Written Report

Tooth Coloured Restorations

3. Tooth Coloured Restorations From £135.00
4. Bespoke Ceramic Restorations From £980.00
5. Ceramic CAD/CAM Crowns, Inlays and Bridge Units From £890.00


6. Porcelain Veneers (Cerec, E-Max,Lava Ultimate, Mac,) From £950.00

Gum Re-sculpting

7. Laser Gum Sculpting with Biolase/Waterlase From £310.00

Diagnostic Models

8a.  Digital 3D Diagnostic  Models and Setup Simulation From £395.00
8b.  3 Shape implant studio surgical guide From  £490.00

Root Canal Treatment

9. Root Canal Treatments PER CANAL with Biolase Tm    From £390.00


10. Scale and Polish and Simple Hygiene Procedures From £75.00

Teeth Whitening

11. In House Laser Tooth Whitening(+Includes Home Kit) From £599.00
12. Tooth Whitening Home Kit £399.00

Orthodontics (Dental Braces)

13. Orthodontics (Inman Aligners/ Clear Aligners)       From £1400.00
14. Full Mouth 3D Diagnostic Setup From £685.00

Intravenous ‘Conscious’ Sedation

15. Intravenous Sedation (Per Hour Session) £250.00


One site (50 units) £199.00
Two sites (75 units) £299.00
Three sites (100 units) £399.00

Skin, Face, Body and Laser Treatments

1. Consultation (New Patients) Free
2. Face Scan £45.00
3. Botulinum (BOTOX® Etc) From £199.00
4. Dermal Fillers (Juvederm) From £250.00
5. Soprano Laser hair removal From £55.00
6. Chemical Skin Peels From £50.00
7. Microdermabrasion From £60.00
8. Laser Acne Treatment From £140.00
9. Leg vein Removal From £125.00
10. Accent RF Skin Treatment (Celluite Removal) From £100.00
11. Harmony Pixel laser Skin Resurfacing From £150.00
12. Alma Laser IPL Skin rejuvenation From £75.00
13. Soprano Skin Tightening From £200.00
14. Tooth whitening Home Kit From £199.00
15. Micro laser peel From £250.00
16. Skin tags From £105.00

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