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      Lips and Facial Contouring (From £300)

      The lips provide an expressive frame for the teeth, and can easily relay what a person may be feeling at any given time.

      The appearance of the lips has a significant impact on the overall attractiveness of the face, and any irregularities or inconsistencies on the lips can have adverse effects on the face as a whole.

      Lip Enhancements Concerns

      Lip enhancements are cosmetic procedures that aim to improve the appearance of the lips, to make them even more attractive. These are just some of the lip concerns that can be addressed by Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic in Kent, for patients who want to have the best looking pair of lips possible:

      Fullness – Full lips can easily be associated with youth and vitality. Lips that are thin can diminish the attractiveness of a person’s face and smile, which is the reason why one of the most common lip enhancement procedures relates to adding volume or fullness to the lips.

      Shape – The shape of the lips can make or break the appearance of a smile. Lips that are shaped symmetrically, with both the upper and the lower lip shaped to form a complementary frame, are considered as beautiful.

      Colour – Dark lips can be very unattractive; those with dark lips may often need cosmetics to hide the darkness of discolouration of the lips. Lip enhancements can improve the colour of the lips, so they look healthily pink or reddish – without the need for thick lip colour or cosmetics.

      The lips can be enhanced or augmented with the use of injectable fillers, or through implants and surgeries.

      Injectable Dermal Lip Fillers

      Lip augmentation or lip enhancement can be performed with injectable dermal fillers. The filler material will be injected directly onto the lips to enhance the shape or volume. The procedure starts with the application of a local anaesthesia to ensure that the patient does not feel discomfort during the entire lip enhancement procedure. The type of material to be used for the injectable lip fillers will depend on the specific patient’s need, and will need to be discussed with the cosmetic specialist. The following are used as dermal injectable fillers for lip enhancement procedures:

      • Juvederm
      • Restylane
      • HylaForm
      • Artecoll
      • Dermalogen
      • Autologen
      • Bovine Collagen

      image image

      Lip Enhancement through Implants and Surgery

      Lip enhancements can also be made through the use of implants or surgical procedures; the materials that are used for these lip augmentation treatments cannot be administered through an injection (due to the size, or consistency of the material), so incisions will need to be made on the surface of the lips. The following are the materials and methods used as lip enhancement implants:

      • Alloderm
      • Fascia
      • Fat Injection
      • Fat grafting
      • Gore-Tex, SoftForm and soft ePTFE
      • Local flap grafts

      Facial Contouring

      Facial contouring is composed of a series of cosmetic procedures that have the aim of improving the overall contour of the face. Lip enhancements or lip augmentations are often combined with the following procedures to get the desired result of a much better contoured facial structure:

      Chin Enhancement – Chin enhancement procedures can create a more pronounced chin and jaw line, which results to a better shaped-face. A weak chin reduces the attractiveness of the whole face, and can make a person look sad. Chin implants and injections of fat to the area can provide the necessary improvements, making the chin and the jaw line look more well-defined and stronger in appearance.

      Cheek Enhancement – The cheeks need to look full for the face to maintain a youthful appearance; however, the natural ageing process can make the cheeks look hollow and bony. The skin on the cheeks may also sag with the passage of time, and can result to a face that appears to have “jowls”. Implants, injectable fillers, and fat transplants to the area can result to the desired cheek enhancement.

      Neck Contouring – Sagging and loose skin on the neck area can make a person look much older. Neck contouring can be done with cosmetic treatments that introduce additional fat in the area; tightening of the loose and sagging skin will also make the neck area more youthful and smoother.

      Lip Lift – A lip lift aims to elevate the upper lip and improve its shape, to enhance the overall appearance of the lips. Dermal fillers or autologous fat can be used in a lip lift procedure to provide the added volume of “lift”.


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